DevLog #25

All of our Kickstarter backers should have gotten their Sentia Arena PDFs for all but the Limited Edition cards yesterday. Let me know on Twitter (@ryringames) if you had problems with the files.

Lately been working on Apprentice, adding a class that has been requested many times: a psionic psychic.

Our first decision was to use our Breath mechanic. Basically, Breath is the power from within the caster’s own spirit/body that regenerates during a short rest. Ninjas have been using it for their ninjutsu for a long time now, and we recently added the Soul Keeper who uses breath to activate their soul abilities. Since psychics don’t use magic from gods, spirits or dragon blood, they were a good candidate for breath mechanic as well.

So we have resource. But how do we make it feel like a psychic? I mean, a pyrokinetic can summon flames, sure, but they can also spend extra power to make their flame control even more spectacular. This is often seen in media like movies, TV shows, and books. In 3.5 D&D, psionic abilities scaled with the number of power points spent.

Our current design to fit this goal is that each psionic ability learned is actually 4 abilities in one.

Name Type Base Effect
Pyrokinesis Conjurer You summon flames with your mind that deal 1d4 per odd level fire damage as a ranged touch and causes them to Burn(take 1 fire damage per level that ignores non-typed DR each round) for 2 rounds.
Breath 1 Breath 2 Breath 3
The flames instead deal 1d6 per level and the burn lasts 5 rounds. The flames become an inferno. Instead of ranged touch, it is Reflex 1/2 damage in a 20ft burst. Deals 1d6 per level fire damage. Targets who failed their save are also burned for 5 rounds. Barely controlable flames extend out from you, striking every enemy within 60ft as a ranged touch. Deals 1d8 per level fire damage and burns them for 5 rounds.

In this example, a pyrokinetic can summon flames to attack foes as many times per day as they want. However, they can put more of their personal power(Breath) into their pyrokinesis for more powerful effects. A level 1 Psychic only has 3 Breath, and a level 10 only has 12 breath. So don’t expect them to be able to use their dramatic Breath 3 abilities every round.

Another design hurdle was all of the non-combat abilities a psychic might have like Psychometry. Why would you use the at-will version of psychometry if you could use the 3 Breath version and just take a 5-minute rest afterwards to gain it all back? So we added “Draining” to some of the abilities. Like Auras on the ninja, this reduces their total Breath for the day.

Psionics/Psychic is still in a very early stage of development. I really enjoy the design we have for it so far mechanically.

Because 420+ spells just wasn’t enough.

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