DevLog #25

Been focusing on Psychic for Apprentice mostly, so I wanted to show off the draft of a psionic power that the Psychic can learn, or anyone can pick up by putting points in the skill Psionics.

Name Type Base Effect
Psyblade Conjurer You can summon a psyweapon in the shape of any weapon you are proficient in as a swift action. This has all the same stats as the base weapon but deals force damage. Your psyweapon is considered a natural weapon.
Breath 1 Breath 2 Breath 3
Draining. Your psyweapon gains +1 Crit and uses your Intelligence modifier for attack and damage instead of strength or dexterity for the rest of the day. Swift Action. Add 1d6 force damage per level to your next psyweapon strike. Full Action. You summon 1d6 psyblades that float around your head for up to 1 minute. As a standard action, you can toss up to 3 of these blades as separate Ranged Touch attacks that deals 1d6 force damage per level each.

Psyblade is one of the most iconic psionic abilities to me. Our attempt to remake it was a focus on allowing all manor of weapons, including psybows and psygreatswords.

The Breath 3 ability is very interesting to me. For the most part, we’ve avoided “Summon <dice>” on spells and abilities. Rolling poorly always feels bad. In this particular case, we decided to go with it after a great deal of pleading from Robert.

A normal full action level 5 spell(which Breath 3 is equivalent in damage) should do 2d6 per level damage as a single ranged touch, making the 3d6 for a standard action seem really high. However, because this ability uses an additional action to toss the blades, the damage per turn isn’t nearly as high as you would expect.

Not factoring for Breath efficiency, this means it should deal 2d6/level +1d10/level for Full Action/Standard Action. Suddenly the average 3 d6 per level doesn’t seem so high. Now, the difference between d6 and d10(two dice types) can be used to make up the efficiency of the power. That is an average damage that is high for 3 Breath, at the cost of actions. And the chance to get 6 blades is the same as getting 1 blade, making the random number of blades a risk, but remember that any roll above a 2 is “normal” damage for a Breath 3 attack.

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