DevLog #29 Problem with AC

In the course of our playtesting Apprentice, I made a ninja character who had 11 higher AC than Robert’s character. That translates into a +55% greater miss chance, and Robert’s character hadn’t really dumped dexterity.

There is a problem with this large of a gap. In D&D 3.5, the gaps in AC could be astronomical. We have gone out of our way to limit the amount of bonuses to AC you can gather. Even armor enhancements give bonus DR rather than a bonus to AC.  Previously lighter armored characters had 10+1/2 level base, while heavy armor had 10+level base. This gap proved too much, so we made all armors 1/level. The only problem with this is that high Dexterity characters were now the super-high end. Full Plate, for example, gave +5 armor but had max dex of 0, so they had 15+level AC, while a character in Leather armor(which gives +1 armor) and no max dex could get as high as 18+level fairly easily by higher levels.

So now Leather/Studded Leather/Rune Armor are all have max dex 5. So now no matter how high your dexterity, you won’t have higher HP than full plate armor. Now, it is possible to go unarmored, but you would be giving up the DR and armor enhancements to do it.

For my ninja character, I actually gave up my armor for the (very slightly) higher AC and saving a bunch of money, but it was a really difficult choice. I had been using Shocking Armor, which gave me an extra swift and move action each day…that is a lot to give up.


Light Armor


Cost Armor Bonus DR Max Dex ACP Special
Unarmored 0g 0
Leather 20g 1 5 0
Studded Leather 25g 0 DR .5 per level 5 0
Rune Armor 25g -1 DR 1 per level 5 0


10g 0 DR 1 -1 1d4 damage
Medium Armor

Req: Str 13

Cost Armor Bonus DR Max Dex ACP Special
Hide 20g 1 DR 1 per level 3 -1
Scale Mail 30g 2 DR 2 per level 2 -1 Speed -1
Chainmail 45g 3 DR 1 per level 2 -1 Speed -1


15g 1 -1 Hand still free for light weapon or spells


20g 1 DR 1 -1 1d6 damage
Heavy Armor

Req: Str 15

Cost Armor Bonus DR/- Max Dex ACP Special
Half-Plate 50g 3 DR 1, plus additional 2 per level 0 -2 Speed -1
Full Plate 60g 5 DR1, plus additional DR 1 per level. 0 -2 Speed -2


30g 2(4 Vs Ranged attacks) DR 1 -2 Speed -1, 1d8 damage

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