DevLog #31 Barriers

We are almost finished with our redesign of the ninja abilities for Apprentice. One thing that came up was the idea of player created walls. We’ve had multiple spells that created walls, but they really came to the forefront of ninja when two of our 10 elements(Ice and Earth) focus on walls pretty heavily.

I should probably first note that our monsters stats are based on equations. A base monster’s attack is (Level*0.125 +7)level. (Side note, the Level*0.125 is to make up for player’s getting more DR as they level up). So roughly speaking, a base creature deals 7 per level damage. By 10 this is actually 8.3/level.

Roughly speaking, monsters with more than 8 damage per level are the Striker, the Brute, and the Mage’s cool down abilities, while the groups below that threshold are the Defender, the Base creature(before level 8) and the Mage’s at-will attacks.

This made 8 HP/level the perfect wall HP. High damage monsters will be able to break through in a single hit(but still waste their action and limit their movement), while lower damage monsters will take two hits to break through.

If we want “improved walls” to take 2-hits for even high damage monsters while not requiring tons of hits from lower damage monsters.

We used to have walls that gave DR, but unless we are in a ratio of 3/5 for HP to DR, there is very little difference in the scheme of things.

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