Apprentice Update: 0.7.1 PDFs on 3/14/15

Happy Pi Day!

Today we are releasing the PDF for Apprentice v0.7.1:
Player’s Handbook
Narrator’s Guide
Spell Tome
Advanced Player’s Handbook

Quick rundown of today’s updates:

  1. Ninja clans and ninjutsu have been completely redesigned from the ground up. The 10 elements all have their own focus and theme.
  2. Three new classes, which can all be found in the Advanced Classes PDF:
    1. Dark Blade uses the new Shadow spell list to deliver devastating blows with their blades made of shadow.
    2. Shadowmancer is the caster companion to the Black Blade, using his shadow itself to deliver powerful shadow magic.
    3. Spell Bender is an Arcane caster who uses one of 7 Prismas to make their spells act like different elements. Spell benders are masters of destructive magics.
  3. Barbarian received an update to their rage mechanic to fulfill the berserker fantasy a bit better.
  4. Maces no longer deal a flat damage on miss, but instead deal 25% damage on miss. This will prevent weird builds that did more damage when they missed, while still giving them a solid boost compared to Sword’s attack bonus, or Axe’s critical hit bonus. This change also makes maces much more viable for classes such as Rogue.
  5. Monsters received slight buffs to HP and damage.
  6. AC is now 10 plus 1 per level on all armor types instead of just Heavy Armors. Light armor also received a max dex of 5 to compensate. This should help keep the gap between highest and lowest AC to be smaller, allowing tighter control of monster attack and damage.
  7. We included the Spell Design Doc with the Narrator’s Guide with guidelines on how to build spells. Newly included is the “cost” of various debuffs. Many spells had their effects changed to match these new guidelines.
  8. Psionics have been implemented for those with at least 4 ranks in Psionics skill. The Psion class should be added in the next build.
  9. Various feats have been modified, though no major overhaul since last build.
  10. Monster Guide in the Narrator’s Guide has been updated with more guidelines for building an encounter and rewards.
  11. Narrator’s Guide now also has rules for vision, distances, sizes, languages, and durations.

Is there any specific changes you want to see in the next build? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter @ryringames.

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