DevLog #35

So I’ve gotten Tower of Satoris, or Module 2 for Apprentice completely written. This weekend has been focused on playtesting. It looks like it will be a bit longer than Module 1, and a lot less combat focused. Cave of the Goblin King was pretty much fight after fight with only a bit of downtime, Tower of Satoris gives players many more changes to explore this abandoned wizard’s tower and interact with a host of NPCs.

One of the premade characters for Tower of Satoris is a ninja, which is a first since their recent redesign of the entirety of their ninjutsu and clan lists. The ninja, who is named Noga Bakko, is focused on wooden ninjutsu to grant allies shields, as well as an earth jutsu to quickly build walls around the battlefield.

While designing Noga, however, we came to a realization. We had feats as well as the skill Psionics that granted Breath points. The problem with this is that every single ninja we were making was taking these feats. We had breath scaling at 3 + 1 per level, but no scaling based on their caster stat(Wisdom). Wisdom could be safely ignored for many ninja who did not want to use ninjutsu with saving throws. We had to have multiclass feats from breath classes grant bonus breath, which meant that every ninja was a ninja/psion for the extra breath.

We moved Breath to be a base equal to your Wisdom modifier. It doesn’t matter how you got the abilities that use breath, be it feat, class, or item. Everyone has a base amount. Ninja still grants +1 Breath at every even level since they tend to tie up much of their breath in Auras.

Our original goal for Ninja was to allow a jack-of-all-trades but require a focused build in the same way we did for Bard and Fighter. As time passed, however, it became abundantly clear that ninja was a bit too unfocused. A ninja can still focus on Strength or Dexterity on weapon strikes, but they cannot completely dump Wisdom. Focusing on Auras means less reliance on saving throws and breath, which means Wisdom can stay a secondary stat.

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