Apprentice Update: 0.7.2 PDFs on 4/28/15

Today we are releasing Apprentice PDF v0.7.2:
Player’s Handbook
Narrator’s Guide
Spell Tome

Quick rundown of today’s updates:

Spell Tome:

  • Healing Spells have been redesigned.
    • There are now three direct healing spells that are labeled based on their power: Minor, Light, Moderate, Serious, Critical, Master
      • X Cure is a Standard Action that heals the base amount.
      • X Mass Cure is a Full Action that heals less, but in a 3 square burst.
      • X Triage is a Swift Action that heals less.
    • There are three Invigorate spells that grant Fast Healing at 1, 3 and 5, as well as area versions at 2 and 4.
    • There are three different type of shields, each of which take a full action to cast and protect a target from certain types of damage.
      • Aegis protects against slashing, bashing, or peircing and is available at 1, 3 and 5.
      • Energy Shield protects against elemental types like fire or force and is available at 1, 3 and 5.
      • Spell Ward protects against all spells and can be used to auto counter a spell, but protects less than the Aegis and Energy Shield spells and is available at level 2 and 4.
    • Barkskin is now level 1 and has a level 3(Stoneskin) and 5(Ironskin) version. All of them give DR for 5 rounds.
  • Lots of new spells added to the Shadow spell list as well as some new psychic damage spells.
  • Plenty of new spells were added to make room for our new Priest domains. We now have 28 domains!

Core Book

  • Shaman received an overhaul on their class abilities. They should be much more useful in general.
  • Sorcerer also received an overhaul on their class abilities moving away from passive to more active abilities to help them feel more draconian.
  • Wizard received a complete overhaul of their class abilities, forgoing their focus on their staff and instead focusing on their expanded knowledge and a magical familiar companion.
  • The Heal skill received an update. First Aid can be used once per short rest and heals 4 HP per level as a Standard Action with a DC(13) check. Treatment can heal 10 HP per level during a short rest with a DC(8) check for out of combat healing.
  • The Performance skill now has rules in place for playing for gold.
  • The Religion skill now has rules for visiting a temple gaining boons such as Fate Rolls, free room and board, or even supplies.
  • New Race: Culus. Culus is short for homunculus and are artificial life who have gained full sapience. The material of their construction varies, as do their racial abilities.


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