Building a Module : Part 5 : Loot

Now that we have the two encounters for this part of the module, we need to drop loot. Even though this part isn’t half of the XP, it is half of the adventure(lots of RP leading up to it), so I’m planning on using about half of the treasure amount, or 850g per player.

First of all, they are recovering a powerful artifact that allows them to use two different spells each twice per day. A wand works similarly, so I priced it as a level 8 item, since a Wand of a single rank 3 spell is a level 7 item, while this one has a single rank 4 and a single rank 3 spell. A level 8 item is normally 660g, so it uses 330g of our budget. However, since it is two spells each twice per day, it is worth 660g. Since it is a single item drop and not a scaling, we have to figure out the per-person budget. If you don’t know the exact size of the party, I typically use 3 players. So 220g of our 850g budget.

Next up, since this is a temple of the nature god, I decide that having rare alchemical ingredients makes sense.

I add a Nature 13(moderate) check to find 50g per person in rare alchemical ingredients in the main temple. I also want a bit of morality puzzle here, so I make it 40g that you can collect safely, or 60g, but the plants will not regrow here later.

I decide to give the Archdruid a +3 Dominating Staff which would normally retail for 1000g, so 500g of our budget. Again though, this is divided by 3 since it’s a non-scaling drop.

I decide to allow with a Nature, Heal, or Craft(alchemy) to craft a mind-controlling poison out of the ranger’s and treant’s corpse. Since the rangers already scale at 1/2 number of players, I just keep it at one per ranger. For the treant, I allow one per player. So the players receive 1.5 poisons per player. This may seem like a lot, but remember that we are pricing it by sale price, so they can always sell them in town.

There is currently a Cobra Venom that is a level 10 poison that stuns for 1 round, so I’ll base the domination one off of that.
Domination Poison: Dominate 1 round, but at -1 Fortitude DC. Threshold 6. Sells for 175g

So for the poison, we have 262g per player. Added to our 220g artifact, 50g alchemy ingredients, and 167g for the archdruid’s staff we are at 701g.

I decide to give each of the lesser druids different rings that sell for 220g. Since the druids are 1 per even player, this means 110g per player budget.
Caustic Ring: DR(acid) 1 per level(7). Immune to Sunder Armor.
Flaming Ring: DR(fire) 1 per level(7). Immune to Burning.
Holy Ring: DR(radiant) 1 per level(7). Immune to Blind.

Now we just have about 40g per player left. I decide to give normal gold for the rest. I have the druids from the first encounter drop 40g, but since they scale at 1/2 players it only uses 20g of the budget. The rangers will not have any gold, since they were probably looted by the druids.
The 2nd encounter involves the Archdruid, the Treant, and rangers and druids for any players after 2. It doesn’t make sense for the treant or rangers to carry gold, so I have the archdruid carry 20g per player.

And with that, we have our 850g in loot set. I hope this weeks walkthrough of building part of my level 7  module has helped show how easy it is to build interesting encounters in Apprentice.

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