Apprentice Update

It has been a long time coming, but I’ve just updated the page for Apprentice to the newest version. We’ve been hard at work and this is a pretty big change.

Short Changelog 0.7.5


  • Added detailed list of bags and other storage devices. Some of them give powerful benefits, so definitely check them out.
  • Two-handed melee weapons no longer gain 1.5 Strength on damage, but instead were boosted across the board with bigger bonuses compared to on-handed weapons.
  • Shields that gave DR now give scaling DR.
  • Changed Spell Robes to be per day damage boosts instead of permanent boost to low rank spells. It felt odd to want to cast low rank spells for more damage.  This will be a nice boost to the feel of the items, and overall make them less required, but still a good choice.
  • Added some new items to fill out some missing spots. Cheaters Vest, Poison Buffers, Broken Bands, Scrawled Band, Jumper boots, and the Twisted collar.
  • Separated consumables into two categories Alchemy and Spellbind. Spellbind includes Scrolls, Wands and a new type of consumables: Elixirs.
  • Castor Shells are one time use consumables that require the use of a castorgun, but modify the attack in the way a metamagic feat would a spell.
  • Elixirs are like potions, except they are inherently inert. They can have a spell cast into them, to be stored and useable later. Elixirs can only hold single target buff spells.
  • Maces now ignore non-typed DR instead of dealing damage on miss.
  • Expanded armors and shields to include anti-spell options that give DR(spells) and bonuses to touch AC.



  • The 1st Mace Specialization feat now gives a flat -1 attack to make your attack ignore DR. This feels much closer to the fantasy of giant crushing attacks than the miss-cleave that it was before.
  • New feat: Master Ritualist that will help make rituals cheap and fast.
  • removed the +3 individual save feats and replaced them with a +2 to all saves. Removed requirements for Magic Resistant and Evasion. Fast Healing moved behind the Toughness feat.
  • Weapon Focus now gives a bonus 1 per level to damage in addition to +1 attack.
  • Protective Spell feats modified to include breath abilities.
  • Improved Unarmed Strike is removed and folded into Exotic Weapon Proficiency. Monk updated accordingly.
  • Modified the crafting skill feats to match the item group changes, as well as adding a new feat for those who enjoy being a consumable craftsman called Scientist.
  • Weapon Style feats have been replaced with simpler Weapon Focus feats. Fighter martial focuses have been updated to conmpesnate.


  • Barbarian can decide how they want to attack rather than Frenzy, offering them a set of choices.
  • Monk had Greater Flurry removed as their damage at level 6 and up was to high.


  • Clarified that spells that let you spend actions on other rounds(like Call Storms) count as casting for the purpose of feats, abilities, and opportunity attacks.
  • Tripled the number of Ninjutsu techniques. Overall Ninjutsu polish.
  • Dispel magic spells gain +2 DC.
  • Rituals moved to Spell Tome and now have different skill requirements based on the ritual.




  • Heal skill’s healing is now partially based on the number of ranks in addition to your level to encourage more ranks.
  • Added rules for gathering crafting materials with the Nature skill
  • Added ways to get gold from Thievery and Crafting.
  • Slight change to Arcana, as it now gives higher ranked rituals for free as well.

Narrator’s Guide

  • Slight adjustment to monster stats to better reflect the proper scaling.
  • Updated guidelines to creating monsters
  • Added a new option to the sunder armor combat trick. able to reduce DR by a small amount or reduce AC,  still only a max off three sunders.  two DR reductions and one AC reduction would reach the max of three stacks.

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