Ryrin Tactics

open-boxRyrin Tactics is a game where you  build an army out of over 50 units, then you shape the battlefield as, lastly you must use you units wisely as you battle until all your opponents fall.  Are you ready for Ryrin Tactics?

This game features quick battles that last about half an hour.  It is easy to learn, but has a lot of depth when it comes to drafting a good army and making tactical decisions.  This game has beautiful art in the style of old school RPGs, and a ton of replay value.

Below I go over how each phase of the game will happen.  A link to the complete rule book is at the bottom of this page.


The drafting phase takes place after each player draws 4 map tiles and gets to look at them.  Then you shuffle the unit deck and deal out 6 units face up, each time a player picks a unit, a new unit is dealt out to replace them.

Drafting your army is a very important step in this game, each unit has a special ability and 5 stats; HP, Attack, Defense, Speed, and Range.  it is helpful to have an army comprised of units who shore up each others weaknesses.  It is also helpful to look at what your opponent is drafting, look for any weaknesses you can capitalize on.  Did they pick mostly fire units?  Grab a few Air to counter.  Did they grab a bunch of slow tough units? Grab somebody who is fast with some range.  usually the biggest thing about a unit will be its special ability though so be on the lookout for some that will combo well with what you already have, or punish your opponents choices.  Don’t forget about to think about the 4 map tiles you have.  If you have map tiles with a lot of difficult terrain, it might be helpful to pick units who can ignore them in some way, with range or special abilities.

mapsMap building.
The map building phase is when each player lays out a map tile that must be touching another map tile(except the first tile). this continues until each player runs out of tiles.  Then going in order each player will draw a new tile and place it on the map to fill in any rows or columns that are not filled in.  Afterwards each player places their units, the first player places all their units first, each unit must be touching another unit and at least one unit must be touching an edge of the map, on their side of the board, this continues until all players have placed their units.

Your goal is to create a map that works well with what units you have.  watch out for player who may be trying to create choke points to protect their units.


Each turn you get a move and an attack action.  You can use your attack action to move.  When an attack is made you choose a unit that is within one of your unit’s Range, then you roll dice equal to your units Attack, and the opponent roll dice equal to their Defense.  Defense Successes cancel out Attack Successes then the defender takes damage equal to the number of Attack Successes left over.  Move and attack with your units until only one player has any units remaining.

Pay attention to unit’s special abilities and make sure to take full advantage of any type advantages you might have.  Try not to lose any units, this might sound obvious, but it is better to have 3 units at 1 HP than it is to have 1 unit at 3 HP.  This is true in most cases.  If you need to do a full retreat don’t forget you can use your attack action to move again, it could even be the same unit.


That is pretty much the game in a nutshell, other important information is that there are 54 units each with beautiful pixel art, and 36 map tiles so that each game will be extremely different. If you wish to check out the official Rule book you can do so here. http://www.ryringames.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/Ryrin-Tactics-Rule-Book.pdf

There is also a game play video


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