Ryrin Tactics Print and Play

If you were wanting to try out Ryrin Tactics we have a way you can do that now.   Just print these out. g4174maps

Here is a version of the rules which have been modified to match the print and play demo version.


For this game you will need dice, it doesn’t really matter what type of dice, but D6s work well.
Also something to track HP on your units; pennies, dice, paper, anything will work.

Cut out the unit cards and the unit tokens.  I suggest folding in the sides of the tokens so they are not flat and they will be easier to play with.

Shuffle the 9 map tiles together and give each player 4 of them, then place the last tile face up in the middle of the play area, this will be the start of your map building, which will come after the unit draft.

Shuffle the 12 unit cards together and then place 4 of them face up,  the first player gets to pick one and then a new card is revealed to replace it,  then the next player picks a unit.  This continues until each player has 3 units.

Now the first player places down one of their map tiles touching an edge of the piece already there.  The next player places one of their tiles touching any edge of another map tile.  This continues until all nine map tiles are placed.   For this demo the map is limited to a 3×3 do not build outside of that size.

Now the first player places their units on a tile that is one the side closest to them, and the other player does the same.

Game Play

Each turn you have a move and an attack action. You can trade your attack action to get an extra move action, but not the other way around.
A move action lets a unit move up to a number of squares based on its Speed stat.
An attack action can be used if an an other unit is within range of your unit. If this happens you roll dice equal to your attack stat, and the target of your attack rolls dice equal to its defense stat. A Star on the dice represents a success. Each Success on the defender’s dice will cancel out one of the attackers Successes. Then the defender takes damage(Loses HP) equal to the amount of attack successes left over. If a unit ever runs out of HP, that unit is removed from the battle.

Reading the card.

In the top right of a card you will see it’s Type, which is the round and color coded emblem with another emblem below it.  The top one is that unit’s type, the bottom one that is partially covered is what that unit’s type is strong against.  If that unit is attacking a unit that it is strong against it rolls an extra Attack dice.

Att: is a units attack stat and is how many dice you roll when attacking. Successes on the dice take away enemy HP.

Def: is a units Defense stat and is how many dice you roll when attacked. Successes on the dice take away Attack successes.

Rng: is a units attack range and it is how close an enemy must be for you to attack them, you must count around impassable terrain but not enemy units. You can attack through both enemy and ally units without penalty.

Spd: is a units speed stat and it is how far a unit can move with a move action, when moving you can move through allied units but you must go around impassable terrain and enemy units.

HP: is a units hit points, this represents how much damage they can take before being removed from the battle.

The last important thing on the card is the text in the bottom right This text describes a units special ability, and is a very important part of what makes a unit strong.

Reading the map.

The maps available in this demo only have two different symbols on them.  Difficult terrain and impassable terrain.

Difficult terrain is the triangle, and to move one of your own units into these squares cost two points of movement.  This extra cost is only when entering the area.

Impassable terrain is the square, this area cannot be moved into or through.  it can also not be attack through, so you must count around it for your ranged attacks.


If you would like to look at the original rule book you can do so here. http://www.ryringames.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/Ryrin-Tactics-Rule-Book.pdf

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