Damage Reduction

So far in Apprentice, we have DR for each elemental/damage type, as well as DR(all) and DR(spells).

That last one is an awkward one. What counts as spell damage? Do psionics or ninjutsu, which say they are treated as spells for “feats and abilities”? In that case, inventor’s grenades have that wording too. Do normal grenades? What about dragon’s breath, since they are magical in nature?

One elegant design is to replace DR(spells) with DR(elements) with the physical equivalent being DR(weapons). This makes it perfectly clear which DR to use. Fire damage? Fire>Elements>All. Piercing? Piercing>Weapons>All. It even makes choices like using a flaming sword or a bashing spell stand out more. 

One big problem with this is actually sources. I give DR(spells) to Drow because they are resistant to magic. If we use DR(elements) then they are resistant to castorguns(fire damage) and dragon breath, but not magic water hitting them(usually bashing)?

If I take Spellbreaker armor, it feels weird to protect against non-spell sources of elemental damage, and not all spells. 

I am still undecided about which method I prefer. Any thoughts?

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