“Countries of Ryrin, Chapter 3” by Fieron

Chapter 3: Gnoferis

Capital: Frankalashitaran (Frank)
Population: 13 million (50% Gnome, 10% Nousen, 10% Human, 8% Halfling, 7% dwarf, 5% Culus, 5% High Elf, 5% Other)
Denonym: Gnoferim, or Gnofers derogatorily.
Government Type: Council of 27
Other Cities of Note: Boberandalen (Bob)

Another country I am hesitant to write about, Gnoferis was one of the earliest modern countries to be formed, around the same time as Deregal. Their rivalry began then and has continued ever since. While Deregal emphasizes magic above all else, Gnoferis takes a technological approach. It is too early to tell if the newly founded Trinity University will manage to wrestle control of technological advancements from the state-controlled Inventors of Gnoferis. From common castor guns to advanced grenades, all modern technology comes from Gnoferis.

The government of Gnoferis is also an interesting one, since it is entirely made of gnomes. At least, outside of the military that is, where created Nousen and Culus serve. The ruling powers are the Council of 27, an enigmatic group of gnomes who come from lineage dating back to the founding of Gnoferis. The Council directly controls the State Inventors, who are used to stop uprisings and invasions.


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