“Countries of Ryrin: Chapter 5” by Fieron

Chapter 5: Deregal and Orkgar

Capital: Darat
Population: 13 million (30% human, 20% high elf, 13% half-elf, 10% tealeaf, 10% orc, 5% half orc, 5% gnome, 7% other.
Denonym: Dereges
Government Type: Magocracy, Noble Council
Other Cities of Note: Kerash(Port City near Sentia/Joren border)

Deregal was home pre-Dragon Wars to the second largest dragon city and was the center of magical research. After the war, this trend continued with Deregal quickly becoming the foremost leader in magical research and standardization. The second largest battle took place in Deregal, the death of so many dragons leading to chaotic magic, and more importantly, an abundance of mana crystals. These mana crystals are one of the Deregals major export and are used in everything from potions to the massive teleportation Gates.

Since its founding soon after the War, Deregal has been ruled by the most powerful mage. There is a Council of Nobles who can overrule this Magarch. The title of Magarch was a lifetime job, though most step down after finding a suitable replacement. The Magarch can declare a successor, but it has to be confirmed by the Council. In the place of no successor, the Council itself elects one.

In the year 2100, Deregal found itself under attack by the nearby ally of Joren. The current Magarch, MagarchOrthanir, was desperate to form a defensive army against Joren’s formidable Drak’ai, or War Mages. To attain this goal, he made an infamous deal with the orc and ogre tribes to give them their own land if they fight in his army. Unfortunately, Orthanir underestimated these races, and withdrew his offer after Emperor Ragath was defeated. This betrayal lead to much of the antagonism between humans and orcs in the following years, as well as to the eventual Orkgar Revolution in 2200, a date chosen for its symbolic hundred years after the betrayal.

The Orkgar Revolution was a nearly  bloodless revolution. The orc and ogre tribes rebelled against Deregal. The Magarch Hallyn immediately began talks with the orcish leaders. Talks went south when it was discovered that King Mareth of Joren was funding the rebels with war supplies. Many feared that the orc and ogre tribes would take their rebellion in a bloody direction. Skirmishes broke out along the borders, but Hallyn stood fast in her conviction to make peace and hear out these rebels. After months of discussion and concessions, Orkgar was formally acknowledged as a country. Deregal retained the rights to free travel through the country, as the major land route to Sentia and Joren passed through these lands.

Only being 35 years old, it is unknown what effect the country of Orkgar will have on the world at large. As such, it won’t be getting its own chapter. They established a capital city of Orgrin at an ancient meeting place where previously the Tribes gathered during the summer solstice. Now, representatives from all of the Tribes use this newly formed city as a formal capital and meeting place for foreign diplomats and traders.

Capital: Orgrin
Population: 4 million (50% orc, 15% ogre, 10% orc-blooded, 10% human, 5% Halfling, 5% goblin, 5% tealeaf, 5% other)
Denonym: Free <race>
Government Type:Tribal Leadership
Other Cities of Note:

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