“Countries of Ryrin: Chapter 7” by Fieron

Chapter 6: Endless Lands of Tir

Capital: Tirhome
Population: 5 million (20% Halfling, 15% human, 10% drow, 55% wilde races)
Denonym: N/A
Government Type:Tribal
Other Cities of Note: Brass Citadel (fortress on border of Forsaken Lands)

Beautiful fields, rolling hills, and vast canyons fill this paradise-like land of earth tones. Tribes of wilde, halflings, and many other races wander the plains, never staying in one place for long. The ill defined lands stretch from the ruined city of Skrakad to the Brass Citadel, a massive structure and wall stretching across the border with the undead-ridden Forsaken Lands.

After the fall of the dragons, numerous tribes of various races moved out of the ruined city of Shrakaud and into the abundant plains to the east. Many dragon cities dotted these plains, emphasizing research into the connection between animals and nature. Many of the wilde races came from these experiments. Much like in Joren, when the containment vessels unleashed undead hordes, the various tribes had to fight for their lives. One man from a Halfling tribe realized that all the tribes would die if they can’t unite.

This hero was simply named Tir. He united the tribes together to push back the undead hordes. They established a wall of their own. However, the tribes were nomads. Restlessness set in. Tir established a schedule. Every tribe spends on year guarding the wall at the Brass Citadel, then twenty years wandering the massive plains. A central city called Tirhome sprung up as a trading post between the various tribes.

Because of this, the Forsaken Lands have never successfully invaded the plains. Well, except for one time late in Tir’s life. The cycle appeared to be working. And then it was a tribe of halflings called Tealeafs’ turn. They arrived late, and through complacent parting let a group of the undead through, which wreaked havoc on the land. Tirbanished the Tealeaf tribe. Those same Tealeafs that plague Deregal to this day.

Today, the rotation is only 19 years break, the system works. Each tribe has their own travel and ruling system, but the social contract keeps the hordes of the dead back.

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