Lore: Who is Protostar?

Bounding through the mountains of Tremor Ridge, I found the body of a dead man. It was curious, because I did not kill him. Even more curious was that he was one of the enigmatic race that seems to make up Protostar. So far I’ve encountered them as a super-corporation with tight control over it’s members, who all seem to look alike. But maybe that’s just me being racist. I mean, not everyone of the same species looks alike, right?


What if they aren’t one species but instead one person?

This was the log of the dead person:

(Spoilers after the break)


I’ll admit. I’m intrigued. Who are these Freebots, who is Phineas T Rotostar(or at least where is the original) and what is the ultimate goal that forced this poor protostar-ian death?

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