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DevLog #21

The Kickstarter for Sentia Arena is at 125%! Go team!

I started early on Feburary’s Free Game. This time it is going to be a digital version of Apprentice called Cave of the Goblin King! It will be a simple simulator with premade party of paladin, rogue and wizard against a team of goblins. Of course, CotGK will be just a first step in a game I’d love to keep expanding on. Right now, I’ve gotten dice roll, movement and bursts programmed. This may sound easy, but the bursts took me a couple days to program correctly. But the primary purpose of this Free Games project is to help me get back into programming, so tackling difficult code is what I needed.

Once I get a bit more work done, I’ll start posting screen shots.

If you are curious about our Kickstarter:

Free Game: January 2015

If you’ve been following my DevLogs, you know I’ve been working on Skill Tree Simulator 2000(STS2k) this month. I’ve decided to release the Alpha on the game, which can be downloaded for pay-what-you-want(including free) on

Download Skill Tree Simulator 2000 here.

Because STS2k was a learning exercise for me, I’m actually going to move on to other projects, but I plan on doing balance/bug fixes regularly. If you find any bugs, you can use the Contact Us page here, comments here on our website, or on Twitter @ryringames.

Sentia Arena: Kickstarter Launch

We are running our Kickstarter from Jan 16 through Jan 31st.

Help share or back the Kickstarter here.

Want to try out Sentia Arena? It’s available on Steam’s Workshop if you have the game Tabletop Simulator by Berserk Games. Or we have our print-and-play Open Play documents here for the base game, or here for Sentia Arena: Monsters.

DevLog #2





Today I spent a long time converting all of our assets for our card game Combat to it’s new name Sentia Arena. This rebrand should help us with a new Kickstarter(that’s right…3rd time is a charm!). It will also differentiate the game much better than the admittedly generic name. We’ll be launching Sentia Arena once the Kickstarter is up and ready. Currently aiming for end of January.

Skill Tree Simulator 2000

Skill Tree Simulator Screenshot 12/28





Skill Tree Simulator is moving along nicely. I implemented the magic system as well as a working combat log. We have outlined most of the rest of the talents, and should be adding them to the game over the next few weeks. Next up after that is to refine the UI. I’m also wanting to add some voice sound effects with a choice of voices. My goal is to get the game finished by mid-January.

Tentative Schedule:
Early January: Lost Chrononaut released both for print and as part of the pay-what-you-want Antholojam.
Mid-January: Skill Tree Simulator 2000
Late-January: Sentia Arena Kickstarter v3.0

Antholojam #1

I’m super excited to announce that I’m leading a team for Zoe Quinn’s Antholojam! We are going to make a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure style storytelling card game that will have a printable version in the Pay-What-You-Want Antholojam as well as a printable version. The Jam is just starting, so we don’t have much to show right now. We are gathering our team right now and getting the first pieces to virtual paper. I’ll post weekly updates on here as we progress!

-Daniel Richmond

Update 10/1


I just wanted to update everyone on the Ultimate Box and Monster set. We’ve decided to give it some more time in playtesting before releasing it. Compared to the base set, the Monster set is incredibly new and we would like to give it more playtest before we go to print. We will update this space and when we have a release date.

If you want to go ahead and play the base set, we still have it available for order right now physically or digitally. We also still have the Open Play document where you can play as the rogue and warrior against the Psychic Horror.

Want to receive more updates and play the future decks while we work on them? Send me an email at!

Thank you all again for your support,

Daniel Richmond

Sentia Arena Open Play

It’s been requested, so we are officially doing trial version of Sentia Arena

Our Open Play document includes the complete Rogue and Warrior decks, the rules, and one specialization each.

The Monster Open Play has the entire deck for the Vampire for you to fight against!

Let us know how you feel about both games.

Quick Sheet

Quick Sheet is a tabletop system meant to get you into the game quickly, while allowing you to design any sort of character for any sort of setting. The system is to get out of the way of the most important part, storytelling.


Click here for the character sheet and how to make your character (in 3 easy steps!)

Click here for the “DM” guide and guidelines for the basic super hero system.


The benefits of the Quick Sheet system is that it is fast and adaptable. But it does have some weaknesses. This isn’t going to be as fully fledged combat as D&D or Apprentice. When heroes are damaged, they only have a few HP sometimes! So there is a lot more dramatic play involved, but much more dangerous overall.

This system does put a lot more on the DM during character creation than most, as players are all asking how many points their character has used at any given time. But during gameplay, it is one of the easiest to run! For most actions, roll 3-4 opposing dice, adding or subtracting dice if it is something the opponent would be good at or worse at. Making full character sheets(with more or less points than players) is fine, but shouldn’t be required overall. Also, don’t be afraid to fudge your rolls one way or another for dramatic tension.

The balance isn’t as knife edged as I normally run with. Having a character with 5 Strong, 3 Withstand Blows and a few Awesome STuff to augment the two will likely never ever go down to physical blows, but a good psychic attack(which attacks Smarts and does damage to their Psyche(which is Smarts+1)) can take them down.

In fact, we just had to implement the “no attack die pool over 8” rule after such a character was made. The rule we decided to implement is that during combat, the max die pool you can ever roll is 8, but you can instead roll half of your normal die pool to deal or protect 2 damage instead of 1. We’re playing with the idea of applying this rule to out of combat abilities too, but the idea of “critical success” doesn’t always apply to everything players do.

Note, however, that to get over 8 die pool, you HAVE to have used your Awesome Stuff points to augment your stats or skills.

This is really only the second design pass version of this, and I normally wouldn’t even bother posting until the 5th or more design pass, but I think Quick Sheets is open enough to allow DMs to modify them however they please.

Kickstarter Launch

We launched our Kickstarter just a few hours ago as are already seeing great enthusiasm about the project! People really seem to be responding to the problems with traditional TCGs.

We still have a while to go to reach our goal, but at this rate we will make it easily!

Combat Test Deck now available.

Today, we are releasing the Test Decks in preparation for the launch of the Kickstarter for Combat! Download the PDF, print and be able to play the full decks of Rogue and Warrior. Each test deck comes with only one of the three Specializations. Feel free to leave any comments here, on the Kickstarter page, or using the “Contact Us” link above.