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Holiday Sale 2016

Ultimate Sentia Arena Box **Holiday Sale: $15 off (27% off!)

Sentia Arena (Just base game) **Holiday Sale: $10 off (28%)

Lost Chrononaut **Holiday Sale: $3 (12%) off!

Sentia Arena Kickstarter Update

I just submitted the final order to the printer, and we have our postcards ready to send out tomorrow!

Everyone should receive shipping tracking emails once they begin shipping from the printer.

T-shirts will be a while still. They have to come from a separate printer to us, who then have to package and send out the individual shirts.

Having submitted the order gives a certain finality I wasn’t expecting. I’m so happy that you all helped me realize Sentia Arena in a very real and physical way.

Thank you!

-Daniel Richmond

DevLog #26

he final PDFs should have been received today. If you have any problems, please let me know.

We are going to send orders to the printer this week. You have 48 hours to change your mailing address, so make sure to double check your responses here on Kickstarter.

Since we finalized the limited edition cards from the Ultimate Sentia Arena Box, here is a preview of the Facestealer Boss card:

Final Facestealer card.

We did it!

dancingRebaWe made it to 131% on our Sentia Arena Kickstarter!

Thank you everyone for your support!

-Daniel Richmond


DevLog #16

Skill Tree Simulator 2000

STS2k got a lot of bug fixes and some new rogue abilities implemented. One of my favorite pairs is:

Plunder: Have 5% chance to find a cache of treasures(bonus XP) at the end of each dungeon level. Max 3 points.
Treasure Hunter: Your plunder chance is reduced by a quarter, but can trigger every round.

This sort of works like the warrior talent that splits the Heal spell into a heal-over-time. The second one is technically an upgrade, but changes the way it works.

I didn’t reach my goal of having all of the rogue/wizard talents implemented by today, but I know I can implement them quickly and start doing bug test/polish and finally the main combat graphic(which is going into the barren space in the center).

Sentia Arena

Sentia Arena’s Kickstarter is off to a slow start, but we did receive our first review of the game. I’m glad people are enjoying the game!

You can see the comment for yourself here.

Sentia Arena: Kickstarter Launch

We are running our Kickstarter from Jan 16 through Jan 31st.

Help share or back the Kickstarter here.

Want to try out Sentia Arena? It’s available on Steam’s Workshop if you have the game Tabletop Simulator by Berserk Games. Or we have our print-and-play Open Play documents here for the base game, or here for Sentia Arena: Monsters.

DevLog #15

First of all, enjoy a quick video of Sentia Arena: Monsters in play:

We did our recording for Sentia Arena’s Kickstarter video. Once I get it edited…we should be seeing a launch soon.

Skill Tree Simulator is going strong. I finished up Warrior skills and are over 50% done with Mage and Rogue skills. Going to aim to get the rest of them done by Friday so I can focus on polish for the rest of the month.



DevLog #14

Today I finally got Sentia Arena on Steam’s Workshop if you have the game Tabletop Simulator by Berserk Games. Of course, we still have our print-and-play Open Play documents here for the base game, or here for Sentia Arena: Monsters.

We have finalized the box art for Sentia Arena and Sentia Arena: Monsters. ArenaBoxPreview

MonsterBoxPreviewI had a first draft of the Ultimate Sentia Arena Box art, but then dogs decided a power cord was an obstacle in their race. Here was a screencap of the art I get to completely recreate:

sampleBoxfrontI’m not sold on the red letters. I mean, okay, I can admit that the name is a bit silly, and putting it in red like that would play up that fact. But I’m hesitant if the joke would be seen or if it’d make the product look tackier.

We have set up our roadmap for the next few months and we are going to try to get Ryrin Tactics ready for launch this Spring. This game is also a few years old, with various playtesting here and there. We have decided to begin working in earnest to reach our goal.

AlchemistWe have a new font and a much stronger idea of our layout on the cards. Robert is currently finishing up the rest of the art so we can finish on schedule.

Here is the back of the card:


I’ve also been hinted on Twitter what my next video game project is going to be, but I’ll have more on that for DevLogs once I finish Skill Tree Simulator 2000, which is on schedule for the end of the month.

DevLog #12

I unfortunately don’t have much to show you today. Today was spent doing some bug fixes and implementing a complicated skill in Skill Tree Simulator, as well as working on some video edits for a gameplay video for Sentia Arena.

If you would like, I set up the Ryrin Tactics page with a preview of some of the cards and the PDF of the rules.

DevLog #11

Sentia Arena

Sentia Arena: Monsters is officially finished! We are going to wait on launch for it and Sentia Arena(which is also finished) for a Kickstarter this month. I just finished importing the cards to both TheGameCrafter and Tabletop Simulator. Expect some gameplay videos soon.

Ryrin Tactics

Robert has finished 37 of the 55 units. They all look amazing. We weren’t really talking about releasing the game, but are going to look into different options. Eventually, I’d like to program a digital version, but that’ll have to wait for now. Isometric view is a bit higher than my current Programmer level. It’s at least a level 4 spell!