Lost Chrononaut


You’ve spent years calculating, building and testing everything you’ll need to make your journey into the future, and now it’s time to go.

Your destination: 2070, Earth’s Moon.

Your landing was rough. You’llneed to procure repair parts in addition to your initial goals. It will be difficult, but you are a Chrononaut. You’ll find a way.

The Lost Chrononaut is a single-player story-based card game by Ryrin Games with an amazing team of 11.MD05backLost Chrononaut was produced as part of Antholojam: a challenge to create a fully functioning game in only a single month.

The digital version of Lost Chrononaut will be released in the pay-what-you-want(including free) as part of the anthology at Antholojam.com. The printable version is available for purchase at thegamecrafter.com for $24.99.

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