Skill Tree Simulator 2000

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Skill Tree Simulator 2000 is Daniel’s first programming assignment as part of his learning how to code again. The design goals are simple:

Pure Skill Tree Experience

There won’t be complicated battle, gold, shops, equipment, or story. This is distilled awesome of an RPG system’s skill tree, and nothing else.

Build it Your Way

Because it’s so focused on building your own talent tree, we wanted there to be a reset button so you can quickly change out and try new things.

Idle-like Gameplay

While it’s not a fully-idle game (to see a great explanation of Idle games and their popularity, Extra Credits on youtube has a great episode), STS2000 can be tabbed out and ignored for a while when your boss comes around, or it’s your turn in Hearthstone.

Progress for Progress’s Sake

To fully recreate the RPG skill tree experience, we need to make progress awesome. Sure, you are just watching numbers go up, but if you think about it, the core mechanic of all RPGs is seeing numbers go up.

You can download Skill Tree Simulator 2000 for pay-what-you-want(including free) at

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